The new multi-purpose platform


Cleber offers a powerful, flexible and modular hardware and software platform for broadcasting and contribution networks where customers can install up to six boards with no limitations in terms of position or number. Based on a Linux embedded OS, it detects the presence of the boards and shows the related control interface to the user, either through web GUI and Touchscreen TFT display. Power supply can be single (AC and/or DC) or dual (hot swappable for redundancy); customer may chose between two ranges for DC sources, that is 22-65 or 10-36 Vdc for site or DSNG applications.


- Slot installation -


Thus Cleber can host any combinations of boards, there are particular applications and use cases that can be considered and described separately. Cleber is indeed the control unit for Elber portable link XPM; in case of transmitter control unit, the chassis is equipped with digital modulator (DVB-S/S2 and DVB-T), up-converter and, if needed, one or more encoders HD/SD (MPEG-2 or H-264) while in case of receiver control unit it would host digital demodulator, down-converter and decoders. For DSNG applications, the chassis can be equipped with encoder(s), TS switches, modulator(s), L-band switch and up-converter to C, Ku and Ka band. For the convergence to a broadband network, multiple ASI to IP and IP to ASI interfaces are available, both on fiber and copper support. For satellite DVB-S2 contribution to transmitting sites in a TV or radio network, a multistream or single stream receiver is available. For FM Radio applications, MPX and AES-EBU over ASI are available, for full quality digital transfer of original contents.

A must-have multi-purpose platform:

  • 6 slots to install any type of boards
  • Hot-swappable modules

Applications are multiple, it's at your care to design your platform!


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