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The REBLE610 ODU product's features at a glance



The REBLE610-ODU is the split version of REBLE610 Elber full indoor microwave link, from which it differs for the separation between the RF part (hosted in a waterproof aluminum case) from the modem, the I/O section and control.


The indoor unit (or control unit) REBLE610-IDU is equipped with a hot-swappable redundant power supply, available both with AC and DC inputs.

The modular approach has brought to the development of the data interface module (hosting modulator, demodulator and data interface) and the ODU communication module (with head supply and optical interface). The transmitter can give at least 1 W with every modulation scheme, introducing also wideband precorrection (up to 1GHz depending on frequency band). Major innovations in the baseband section, with two different data interface boards available: one is equipped with 10 ports ASI/BTS on BNC connectors, configurable as inputs or outputs, so that it is possible to include the ASI distribution and ASI matrix capabilities in the same equipment; it also provides a GbE port for IP traffic and a 2048 Kbit/s E1 data channel; the second one is equipped with 3 SMPTE310 ports (in or out), 2 ASI/BTS ports (in or out) and 5 E1 channels.

A connection named "transit" has been introduced, so that the entire baseband (eventually filtered) can be forwarded to another unit, in order to efficiently constitute an RTX couple (repeater style). To transfer all these signals, the channel capacity has been increased to 56 MHz and bitrate up to 310Mbit/s; using an optional XPIC module (and an extra REBLE610-ODU) it is possible to duplicate the capacity to 620MBit/s, exploiting H and V polarizations and cancelling undesired content using special algorithms. A new management software offers complete control over device parameters and settings, while an on-board TFT touch-screen allows a simple and intuitive user interface to check for anomalies.


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