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NMS Software: NP Manager and NP Supervisor



The architecture is “Centric”: any communication between users and on site equipment is carried via the control center. The control center is composed of a PC running a server application, with one or more network interfaces to com- municate with the remote sites.

Not depend on
The system is enough free to use without being obliged to depend by the company.

Unlimited devices
The customer is not tied to our device, because it can make it according to its own pleasure in a few minutes.

All parameterized
Our software is parameterized and has optimized parameters on all servers, email templates, etc. Starts immediately with default functions, and is then optimized according to usage

The mission is to deliver a supervisory system that is EASY & RELIABLE:

  • User Friendly interfaces
  • Graphic displays to take user's eye direct to the target
  • Uninterrupted operation, because it deliver “Security tools

NMS Software

User friendly, easy setup, advanced features...
The brain of the system is the software, designed to be future proof/futuristic. It is an NMS software suite, based on a client-server concept.

The NP Manager, the server application, grabs information from any Agent and Stores it all in the database.
The data control engine automatically checks for connections with RDFs, Agent grabs incoming data, generates alarms, creates statistics, sends email and SMS. It also takes care of managing client applications, connected to its services.
The NP Manager will collect data from all RDFs and SNMP agents inside equipment on the field, and send all commands to the remote equipment.

The NP Supervisor, the client application, is an easy-to-use and user friendly GUI, to easily manage and configure the entire network.
This system is a real multi-user system, with real time access available, that can also be split into areas, regions, and accessed according to hierarchical levels. Username and password will grant access rights on an input-by-input or equipment base.

The NMS Software

A complete suite... To manage your broadcast network in a easy and safe way
The control software, developed with broadcasters in mind and according to broadcasters requests, increases the value of your maintenance simplifying diagnostics with an ‘up to the input’ interface. It is modular, and thanks to a series of PIMs (Plug In Modules) it can be customized, to fit any network size and maintenance structure. Any user can start with a very basic and easy to use system, and grow up to a very comprehensive and detailed surveillance system. The software is simple and quick to configure, granting total control!

Don't lose control!
NP is smart! ...It features controlled logging of users, events storing, dispatches warnings to technicians (e-mail, SMS), collects alarms, sets alarm hierarchy, local and remote automation, tools data analysis and reports, providing complete documentation of every event. The user can log into the system only after authentication: access can be achieved with a client application (NetPOD Supervisor) using a TCP socket. Access can be local (LAN) or remote (Internet). The platform is planned to provide the maximum safety and privacy: also for companies that offer the management of the network in outsourcing or as a service. Everyone can gain advanta- ge from NetPOD.

A software module for every need
NetPOD is a modular suite that can grow according to management requirements.
PIM (Plug-in modules) is the name of the additional software modules: they do not require additional installations, the activation key is embedded in the license.

  • Centralized structure, client-server type:
    • NetPOD Manager: the server that runs as a system service and gathers information from the remote sites
    • NetPOD Supervisor: the client for the management and the supervision. TCP/IP connection enables fast performances
  • Access to the information is controlled by multi-level authentication; access is set site by site, and user by user, granting complete safety.
  • Advanced instruments for data analysis
  • Quick installation, easy to use
  • Maximum system configuration flexibility, allows setup of control and monitoring instruments, without needing qualified staff
  • Scalable from a few inputs to thousands of I/Os: easily upgradeable.
  • SNMP interface totally integrated inside the GUI: complete management of the devices supporting SNMP, transforming it in a real NMS
  • 24/7/365 screening, with real-time functions to dispatch alarms to the technicians via email, SMS, phone call: totally user customizable
  • Configurations Management with files called devices that can be imported/exported
  • Searching, configuration, updating and controlling devices made simple with an intuitive graphical interface
  • Monitoring made simple using hierarchical maps that can be customized, both in view and hierarchy
  • Share notes with other users about operations on the network or on the equipment
  • Data export to MS Office™ Excel™and CSV

  • Improve efficiency and coordination of maintenance activities
  • Optimize sites and equipment management thru the analysis of statistics, and enhance problem solving
  • Efficiently and rapidly manage the economics of your network, leaving the operators concentrated on the problem solving
  • User-friendly and charming user interface: could it be easier?
  • An investment that will be very quickly repaid
  • Power and reliability, designed by people that know what broadcasters want.


Ideal for small and medium installations
1 server application,1 client access, expandable on demand Until 256 IP-RDF with 13000 OID-I/O
DBMS: MS Access / MS SQL Server
Platform, NetPOD has been developed for Windows® environment and has been written in Borland® Delphi with strict object oriented programming techniques


Ideal for medium and large installations
No IP limit / no OID limit (limited by license)


At any time you can expand NetPOD license on:
Client number: the maximum number of simultaneous access of clients to the system RDF number: the maximum number of RDF managed by the NetPOD
Agent Number: the maximum number of configurable Agent OID: the maximum number of configurable OID
PIM: any additional Plug-in Module


These are DGQoS's minimum recommendations for systems that will be running the NetPOD. The system client+server software can run on a single PC if necessary (only for small systems)

Server - NetPOD Manager:

Windows Server 2012
SQL Server 2008 or 2014
CPU socket 3.1 GHz (64-bit processor) or faster multi-core
Memory (RAM) 32 GB
Hard disks available storage space 60 GB
Gigabit Ethernet

Client - NetPOD Supervisor:

Windows Vista, XP, 7 and 8
Processor 1 GHz 32-bit or 64-bit processor
Memory (RAM) 4 GB
Hard drive 30 GB of available disk space
Some functionality may require Internet access (georeferenced maps)