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General overview

E-QoS is a complete power metering system in a standard din rail case. Measures more than 40 electrical power parameters providing a lowcost, multifunction monitoring solution for industrial applications. While its large display shows the measured values, the meter can also provide data remotely through the RS485 and Ethernet interfaces.

It can easily be integrated in telemetry suite and can also provide data to other systems thru RS485 (ModBUS) and Ethernet interfaces. It is equipped with a complete SNMP V1 agent and finaly exposes rich webpages for setting and reading system parameters.

The digital meters are available in a panel mounted enclosure with a display to show all electrical parameters including true RMS values, current, voltage, power factor, phase angle, active/reactive energy, and frequency values. The simple menu-driven interface offers an easy possibility for settings, configuration of selected communication options and adjustment of operating parameters.

User-defined alarms warn potential circuit overloads to prevent accidental power loss to critical equipment.

Main features


  • Very high viewing angle, up to 180°
  • Touch screen user interface
  • ARM11 embedded computer + Linux
  • Hardware SD/HD decoding with Trident® CX24500
  • ASI, RF and ETHERNET 10/100 inputs
  • Can decode video streams over UDP
  • On board SNMP, WEB, TELNET
  • Software upgradable over Ethernet
  • 3.5mm jack for audio monitoring of each monitor
  • Selectable audio on embedded speakers
  • Audio levels viewable on each screen
  • Services selectable via touch screen
  • Viewable PID contents in each service
  • Compact & robust assembly
  • Power supply 240V or optionally external 12VDC-4A
  • Operating temperature 0-50°C

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