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Via Ponte Vecchio, 42W
16042 Carasco (GE) Italy

Operative Head office

Via Pontevecchio, 42 W
16042 Carasco (GE) Italy




+39 0185 351333


Strategical business and research Partnerships


The partnerships stipulated during the years:


Transmission and processing of
audio and data signals

Mandozzi Elettronica S.A.

The consolidated Swiss firm that plans, produces and distributes high-tech apparatuses in the area of transmission and processing of audio and data signals. Today, its most important products are "IDEA" - digital audio routers, "SERIX" - digital audio mixers and "UMAC" - audio over IP codecs.


Control and monitoring of
television and radiophonic signal

DGQoS S.r.l.

Ambitious society, born by the collaboration between ANT Group, Elber and Telsat, highly specialized in devices for the control and monitoring of television and radiophonic signal and in the design and implementation of hardware and software to combine with more traditional monitoring systems.


Solutions of video compression,
video contributions

V-Nova Ltd.

A firm in London, UK, leader in solutions of video compression. An agreement that has allowed the birth of a broadcast platform to maximize the efficiency and flexibility in video contributions. This innovative scenery makes the multi-camera contents and remote production centers sustainable.