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Enterprise, Goverment and Military Connectivity

Enterprise, Government and Military Space Communication Solutions


The different products, the continuous search of the innovation and the well-managed resources have allowed during the years Elber to lean out to new markets as ideal Partner proposing itself in manifold settings such as healthcare, public administration, safety, enterprise, government and military, gas and oil pipelines and communications in general. Today the firm has a series of state-of-the-art systems and solutions allowing not only the audio and video transport, but also the information and data interchange to the organizations.

The links are terrestrial, through high-capacity radio links for data traffic, and satellite (in uplink and downlink).

It is so possible to equip with connectivity the most isolated places, to have video-surveillance in zones of particular interest or to connect the buildings in hospital complexes to allow the exchange of data between the main electronic database and the remote laboratories.

In this context, the Elber communication solutions get a notable importance when applied to the Disaster Recovery and the environmental emergencies, with particular reference to earthquakes, tsunami and other natural events where the common channels of communication would result out-of-order.

Microwave transmission system technology military communication

Microwave Transmission
System and Technology

The multi-year specialization of the Elber staff in the RF (Radio Frequency) area, have allowed a meaningful restyling of the microwave transmission system and technology products [...]

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Satellite communication solutions government military space R&D

Communication Solutions

The hardware and software platforms, designed and engineered by the R&D department, boasts a flexible modular structure and of simple adaptation to varied applications [...]

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