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Via Pontevecchio, 42 W
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R&D and Manufacturing

Introduction to R&D and Manufacturing


40 years of experience, the care for details and the research for innovation are the keys for high quality and reliable products, characteristics that distinguish Elber on the worldwide market; the craft tradition characterizes the actual production philosophy developing the products completely inside the Company.

This is possible thanks to the specialized R&D department, having at its complete disposal the best simulation, testing and synthesis software for every phase. A project consists of many phases: from the design of PCB and RF circuits to the mechanical parts, from the software development for the signal processing on the most recent microcontrollers, DSP or FPGA, to the one for the equipment management.

The organization chart of Elber looks for harmonization and largest flexibility with the highest possible production capacities with a most consideration for the R&D department and for the laboratory where the products are tested and calibrated. These orientations determine the choice of an organization structure based on the production needs and sources out only those parts that do not have direct influence on the quality and reliability of the products.

At the same time, Elber's structure allows a greater control over all the activities and a quicker decision process. This consents also a more direct contact with all Clients.

RF signal circuit radio frequency workshop products ISO 9001 2008

RF - Radio Frequency

Elber designs RF circuit, electrical schemes, PCB and electronic boards using the most up to date tools available on the market: spectrum analyzer, oscilloscope, vector network analyzer, RF signal generator [...]

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Software firmware R&D department research development production

Software and Firmware

Elber' systems, thanks to the massive introduction of processing and management software and firmware, can be completely set up, monitored and managed, using different connection networks [...]

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Manufacturing workshop assembly department testing laboratory PCB


Elber has a complete control over the manufacturing, having a proper workshop, assembly department and testing laboratory. Since the calibration and the reliability of the products are important [...]

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R&D department research development company testing laboratory

R&D Department

Continuously growing, Elber's R&D department is made of an extended team of hardware, software and mechanical engineers, some of them with a conspicuous know-how coming from the telecommunication sector [...]

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