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Via Ponte Vecchio, 42W
16042 Carasco (GE) Italy

Operative Head office

Via Pontevecchio, 42 W
16042 Carasco (GE) Italy




+39 0185 351333

R&D Department

Research and Development Department


The R&D department has known a strong development during the last few years, resulting in an extended team of hardware, software and mechanical engineers, some of them with a conspicuous know-how coming from the telecommunication sector. The continuous growth of the R&D department allows not only amplifying the standard production but permits the Company to offer ad hoc solutions and consultancy to their Clients.

ELBER retains research as basic element to offer up-to-date technologies and products able to meet in the best possible way all actual and future needs of local and national broadcasters.

It has been an important choice, underlining the clearness of the Company Vision, aiming at the R&D department as strategic factor to please the always more “specific” demands of the operators. Moreover, lately the Company has renewed and increased the already up-to-date R&D laboratory instrumentation with a completely new range of instruments: analyzer, oscilloscope, various measurement instruments, with project software allowing reaching high quality levels.