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Via Pontevecchio, 42 W
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Broadcast Systems & Monitoring

Radio and TV Broadcast Systems and Monitoring


The crown jewel of Elber: the firm is well known and esteemed in the world panorama thanks to almost forty years of experience matured in the sector of the radio and TV broadcast systems and thanks to consolidated performances and affirmed quality.

Public and private television and radio stations, international broadcasters and network operators are only some of the users that daily run their own infrastructures with Elber technology.

Since the '80, period in which the production was almost only based on fixed and mobile radio links, the company has widened its proper product range building satellite equipment (modulators, IRD, upconverters, solid state amplifiers) for fixed and mobile applications, codecs and audio receivers to meet the frequent requests of the broadcast operators, and signal monitoring stations.

Today Elber is able to please the full spectrum of the demands of the broadcaster, crossing all the phases of transition technology, beginning from the television studios to reach the NOC and control centers of the on-air signals, thanks to the own offer of radio and TV broadcast systems and monitoring.

Point to Point Microwave Radio Links and Networks

Microwave Radio Links

Fixed point-to-point microwave radio links, the strongest asset of Elber for high performance, proven reliability and easy installation. Recent wise investments and resources' improvement have allowed Elber to lead in [...]

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Satellite TV equipment mobile broadband communication solutions

Satellite TV Equipment

The satellite TV equipment portfolio is the 2013 newborn from Elber R&D department; it offers a powerful, flexible and modular hardware and software solutions for satellite applications [...]

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Audio systems solutions digital signal processing device Mandozzi

Audio Systems
and Solutions

Elber works in close collaboration with Mandozzi Elettronica S.A., the Swiss firm designing and manufacturing special high-tech products for audio and digital signal processing devices [...]

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Modular platform IRD power supply data bus swappable slots CLEBER

High Efficient
Modular Platforms

To adapt its products and applications in a quick, flexible and efficient way, Elber has developed and brought on the market a complete series of 1U and 3U 19” devices [...]

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Broadcast media monitoring systems services DGQoS device software


Thanks to a strong partnership with DGQoS S.r.l., Elber distributes a series of equipment and devices for the broadcast monitoring systems and broadcast media monitoring services [...]

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