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Network and System Integration Services

Introduction to the Network Services and the System Integration Services


Elber offers a range of products, network services and system integration services aiming at the delivery of a complete solution for every network operator.

This can be delivering just core equipment, such as microwave links in a wide frequency range, as well as satellite infrastructures, military connections or turnkey solutions. Yet, the Company offers as well specific case studies, developing complete new networks, identifying all parts of it from the general backbone structure to the specific sites.

More and more often, Elber manages existing situations, helping its Clients to put to the state of art, replacing or adding crucial elements to expand the current network.

System integration services enterprise solutions partner network

System Integration

An inductive reasoning aptitude is useful for understanding how to run a network. System integration services include a large amount of diagnostic and troubleshooting work [...]

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Network planning service consulting system integration services

Network Planning
and Consulting

The process of amplifying and emphasizing of the research considers, above all, the changing needs of the network operators that invest today in network services that meet [...]

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Turnkey solutions integrated ready to use provider partner client


As a turnkey solution provider, Elber proposes established product packages that allow only minimal configuration. They are easy to install and [...]

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