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Via Ponte Vecchio, 42W
16042 Carasco (GE) Italy

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Via Pontevecchio, 42 W
16042 Carasco (GE) Italy




+39 0185 351333

Turnkey Solutions

Integrated Turnkey Ready-to-Use Solutions


As a turnkey solution provider, Elber proposes established product packages that allow only minimal configuration. They are easy to install and comprehend in most cases an intuitive software for the programming or setup of the devices. These devices are ready for use, needing just to be switched on.

Therefore, though, the Company is proud of its tradition of offering customized solutions, configuring the standard models in a personalized way, implementing specific standards and configurations allowing the Customer to receive the device ready to install in its proper network.

This policy is furthermore the basis of one-stop shop solutions, offering Customers the convenience of having many needs met in one sole Partner.

Elber can count on a range of Partners, allowing to offer an integrated turnkey solution to the operators.

Thanks to a detailed research and study of the Client's needs, the pre-sale team can decide the most cost-effective but still high-quality solution, identifying all related parts of the project. Elber aims at offering turnkey, ready-to-use solutions to its Clients, assuring them high quality and most reliable comprehensive systems without having to worry for any other system integration to be needed.

The Company offers a range of devices and services useful in Emergency (Disaster recovery), Healthcare, Broadcasting Distribution, Communication and Municipal Infrastructures.