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Network Planning and Consulting

Network Service and System Integration Services: Network Planning and Consulting


An important innovation process is not only composed of technologies. The process of amplifying and emphasizing of the research considers, above all, the changing needs of the network operators that invest today in network services that meet as well actual as future needs of connection.

Elber offers professional all-round consulting and develops network service to help its Clients.

A new network planning implementation for a brand or updating an existing network it is important to achieve the Client's goals in the most cost-effective way. The complete engineering team is at disposal to study each situation using different tools, such as link budget calculations, radio planning, and network coverage developing a personalized solution for each Client.

Pre-sale planning aims at determining the exact needs of the network operators, starting from the general backbone construction to the detailed site description.

Elber offers all-round a consulting service taking into account existing situations, guiding the Clients with the development of broader and up-to-date networks in all aspects.

The realization of high-standard configurations integrating existing technology with the latest models is Elber's daily business.

Elber's support team assures complete installation and implementation assistance, close to the Client premises and/or with a remote control.