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Via Pontevecchio, 42 W
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Introduction to Manufacturing


Elber has a complete control over the manufacturing, having a proper workshop, assembly department and testing laboratory.

Elber pays much attention to this activity because the calibration and the reliability of the products are important. Specialized technicians work with the latest instruments: spectrum analyzer, oscilloscope, vector network analyzer, video signal analyzer and RF signal generators. The ISO 9001:2008 Certification and the continuous equipment renewal guarantee the reliability of the instrumentation.

Standardized production processes according to the latest regulations allow a swift and efficient product realization and following release onto the market.

Manufacturing: Workshop

The Elber internal workshop produces the chassis, RF heads, cavities, rack, filters, circulator, diplexer, waveguides and tripods.

Elber chooses the components according to the quality and the reliability of the producer. An organized and well-supplied storeroom allows a fast procurement every type of device, from the basic discrete ones to the most complex IC's, from PCB to mechanical modules. The mechanical machine shop prepares most part of these modules having in short times all necessary pieces for the prototypes and all accessories. Two numeric control centers also realize filters, cavities, diplexer and circulator.

Manufacturing: Assembly Department

Elber has an organized assembly department is able to produce PCB, mechanical parts, RF circuits, cables and connectors, power supply testing.

To cut the project time there is also a machine available for the realization of Teflon PCB's, preparing in a single day the prototypes for the new circuits; a well-furnished assembly department then solders all parts provided by the storeroom division to pass them on to the next phase of last inspection.

Manufacturing: Testing Laboratory

The testing laboratory takes care of the measurement and acceptance tests of the Elber devices using an accurate and state of the art testing instruments to guarantee durability, reliability and quality of all Elber equipment.

The testing laboratory tests all single parts of the equipment, filters, oscillators, mixers, amplifiers calibration, finalizing the testing with continuous cycle tests such as switch on/off etc.

Furthermore, the reliability of Elber's products in critical weather is assured by testing them in a climatic chamber. This allows Elber to sell its systems in all parts of the world: from the humid and rainy forests in Central America to the deserts in the Middle East, from the cold Alps to the hot Maltese summers.

On Clients's demand, the testing laboratory provides specific test reports.