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Compact HS+LINK Split Mount Microwave System


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General overview

The High Speed/Split Mount Radio System HS+LINK/SM provides a cost-effective solution to high capacity data transmission requirements. Operating in the licensed bands from 1.4 to 38GHz, it is composed by very compact IDU and ODU with enhanced features that include line interface, alarms and diagnostics and network management interfaces. HS+LINK/SM features enhanced software allowing capacity/configuration upgrade, downloadable field upgrades and an op¬tional embedded SNMP agent for advanced network management capabilities, making it the ideal solution for networks operated by mobile service providers, internet service providers (ISP), utilities, public telephone operators, local governments, TV networks and corporate users.
These SKYLINKS Digital Radios represent a new microwave architecture designed to address universal applications for GE platforms. The advanced technology is designed to provide flexibility to customers for their current and future Ethernet network needs. It is spectrum and data rate scalable from 5 to 365 Mbps, giving opportunity to service providers and companies to trade-off system gain with spectral efficiency and channel availability for optimal network connectivity.
The overall architecture consists of a single 1U “half size” rack mount Software Defined Indoor Unit (SDIDU) with a cable connecting to an Outdoor Unit (ESKODU) with an external antenna.

Main features
  • Up to 365 Mbps data throughput, full duplex
  • Available modulation schemes:
    • QPSK/8PSK/16-32-64-128-256 QAM
  • Available channel bandwidth:
    • ETSI standards: 7/14/28/40 and 56 MHz
    • ANSI standards: 10/20/30/40 and 50 MHz
  • Customer network data interface:
    • 3 x RJ Gigabit Ethernet (100/1000Base-T)
    • 2 x SFP (1000BaseSX/LX)
    • 16 x E1 / T1 G703 OPTION (Up to 64 x E1 / T1)
    • 4 x ASI OPTION (Up to 16 x ASI)

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