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SiteWatch Supervisor


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SiteWatch Supervisor
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General overview

SiteWatch Supervisor has the purpose to automate the management of a SiteWatch network with the ability to automatically record what is being observed by every single camera when any event detected by the motion sensor occurs. Easy to setup, it has 2 main layouts to show the whole network:

  • Multiview: a series of thumbnails arranged in a sliding table. A filter allows the user to select the locations by name or by active alarms. Each thumbnail is automatically refreshed when the SiteWatch sends its status. A red border indicates an active alarm or rather an active recording.
  • Georeferenced: all locations are disposed in a Google™ Map automatically by their longitude and latitude. A red icon of the locationindicates an active alarm or rather an active recording.
  • The user can talk with any operator near the SiteWatch as well as it can interact with it by enabling or disabling in remote a series of functionalities such as light, microphone and alarm.

    Main features

    Easy to setup, it has 2 main layouts to show the whole network: Multiview and Georeferenced

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