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The DCS Monitoring Solution Service allows a precise analysis of receive quality of the transmission area in DVB-T, T2 ISDB-T system, and a systematic analysis of all relevant signal parameters in the field. All parameters monitored ensures the identification of all transmitted signals planning issues in terms of coverage or and reliability.

Our Monitoring Solution provides network operators with all the tools they need to check and optimize a Digital TV Network:

- General information -

- Echo pattern -

- Constellation diagram -

This information can help determine the relative status of stations that are potentially within reach of a location. It can also come in handy when trying to troubleshoot reception problems.

The DGQoS Meter distinctive feature lies in the choice of installing the probes within the domestic environment in a scenario identical to the one in which set top boxes and TV sets should operate.

DCS Monitoring Solution offers Post Processing Software to compliment Data Acquistion Systems; the Remote Acquisition function allows specialists to carry out all measurements from a DGQoS Meter location, such as a central service center, as if they were on site. The measurement log option is especially useful. Important parameters are logged even over longer time periods. Deviations from nominal values are clearly shown.

Each unit can monitor up to 32 channels in a sequence, data from each session is logged and transmitted to the control center. There are also compact summary reports that contain vital information about every digital MUX in the service area. These reports can be sent via email or SMS as well as Alarm Event notifications.

Finally DCS Monitoring Solution enables users to optimally set up the operating parameters, real time signal processing, faults detections and evaluates the results and documents them in a report.